Message from our President 

Dear Friends,
2017 - 18 was an excellent year for U3A Fuengirola; Thanks to the combined efforts of our committee and our group leaders.
Our final membership was 417 and it will be my pleasure as President to welcome back many of 
those members as well as to extend a warm welcome to any new members who wish to join us.
We welcome ideas from any of our members, especially as regards new classes.
Best wishes to all
Brian Robinson  (President) 

​Learning for Pleasure
OF ur aim is to promote activities for learning for pleasure. Open to all English speaking adults of any
nationality, it is run by the members for the members.
Group leaders are volunteers and we are always pleased to welcome those who wish to share their 
knowledge and skill.

Term Dates
Autumn Term: Monday8th October (except groups held at Lux Mundi whichwill begin 15th October) to Friday 14th December 2018
Spring  Term:   Tuesday 8th January to Friday 24th May 2019
Summer term: June - September: Limited/different activities are held - see our Facebook page for
information. ( and this web site under Summer activities

Many of our activities are held at Lux Mundi, Calle Nueva, Fuengirola but we do use other venues.

Lux Mundi is closed for Local and National Holidays:
October                         Monday 8th to Friday 12th
November                     Thursday 1st
December                     Thursday 6th, 
January                          Monday 1st and 7th
February                        Thursday 28th
April                               Easter week from Monday 15th to Friday 19th
May                                Wednesday 1st

Activities held outside Lux Mundi may continue on or during the above dates. Your Group Leader will
advise you on this. 
Presentations for the Spring Term 2019

Science and Technology
Group Leader  Ian Phillips
Lux Mundi Lecture Room B3 - R4 11.00-12.30 Fortnightly on Wednesdays

                                      9th January                      WHY QUANTUM MECHANICS
An understanding of Classical Physics enabled the Industrial Revolution to happen,
and the recent technological revolution could only happen with an understanding of Quantum Mechanics.
We'll look at the development of Q.M. in a historical context.

                                        Part 2 Writing to Printing 'The Medium not the Message
The early technology of communication, and how the technology influenced communication.

                                  6th February         DO YOUR GENES MAKE YOU FAT? 
A Royal Institution talk by Giles Yeo.

                                20th February       THE VOYAGES OF THE BEAGLE- TRAGEDIES AND TRIUMPHS
The second voyage of the beagle made Charles Darwin famous,
but what of the other voyages? And how did York Minster come to London

                                   6th March                   BALLS!  OR WHY DO AUSTRALIANS
                                                              STUFF SANDPAPER DOWN THEIR UNDERPANTS?
 A simple introduction to aerodynamics, projectiles and flight.

                                  20th March            THE NEUROSCIENCE OF THE TEENAGE BRAIN
A Royal Institution talk by Prof. Sarah-Jayne Blakemore.

                                 3rd April            THE SCIENCE OF CONSERVATION AND RESTORATION
 The uses of science and technology
                                 in the conservation and restoration of art and antiquities.                       

Art and History
Group Leader Liz cochrane
Lux Mundi Lecture Room  B3 - R4 11.00-12.30 Fortnightly on Wednesdays 

                               16th January                                MALEVICH  
Illustrated talk (to complement the malaga exhibition which closes Feb 3rd.) 

                                30th January                    "THE GLASGOW BOYS"
     Illustrated talk on famous Glasgow painters (Guthrie, Farquarson, Sam Peploe and others.)

                                13th February                   A "FAKE OR FORTUNE"
Video concerning a sketch ?by Tolouse Lautrec?

                               27th February                HENRI TOULOUSE LAUTREC
Illustrated talk about his tragic life.

                              13th March             DEGAS AND HIS INFLUENCE ON LAUTREC;
Talk illustrated by many examples of their work.

                              27th March                        SUSANNE VALADON
                        Not just one of Loutrec's models; she became a talented artist in her own right. 
              Who was she? And who was the father of her famous son?

A Mixed Bag
Group Leader Geoff Cooke
An assortment of talks  on everthing under the sun!
Lux Mundi Lecture Room B3 - R4 11.00-12.15 on Tuesdays
Spring Programme 2019
Date                                                Talk                                                  Presenter
    22nd January              FROM SCHOOL DAYS TO SPAIN VIA SOHO.   David Joel
Small decisions - major changes

5th February       ROYAL AIR FORCE-BOMBER COMMAND 1939-45.     Geoff Cooke
                                   This describes a visit to famous Lincolnshire's Bomber Command
 commemorative sites and their history.
                        It is 100 years since the formation of the RAF and 80 years since the  beginning of WW11.
E xamine why the bombing tactics used during WW11. were employed and justified,
and why we owe such a debt  to bomber aircrew,  We should remember them.

19th February       BRITAIN'S HERITAGE RAILWAYS            Geoff Cooke 
              The creation of themost popular family historical pursuit began in 1968,
                  when four grammar school boys realised that their world of steam traction  
                                              and me chanical masterpieces would soon end  unless working engines were preserved.                                   How did they manage to kick start the preservation movement
and why are we building new steam engines?

5th March                       TREASURE TROVE AND TREASURE, AND             Geoff Cooke                        
AND ANTIQUE SILVER                   
Famous finds by archaeologists and metal detectors
and the rules thet protect the public from fraud
and save for the nation objects of historical and scientific interest .

           19th March              THE WAR OF 1812:BRITAINS FORGOTTEN WAR              Lillian Joyce Lewis
                   Setting the record straight Mr Trump! 
This will be the final presentation for the Spring Term 2019.
Please consider making a contribution in the next U3A year beginning October 2019.  

Debating and Discussion Group 
​Group Leader Geoff Cooke
Lux Mundi Lecture Room B3 - R4 13.00 - 14.30 Monthly on Wednesdays
Speakers and topics welcome at any time for Debate or Discussion.
Below is the planned programme for the 2019 Spring Term,
which could be changed should members suggest better alternatives.

Spring Programme 2019
16th January          Political Correctness - Opening our eyes or closing our minds? 

20th February        Recent picturesof the Royal family crowded on the balcony of
                                       Buckingham palace caused many to ask - Continuity or change?

                                   20th March          Should the principles laid down in the Magna Carta
                                                                      be abandoned for terrorist offences?    Speakers on both sides welcome.                                           

The Hanoverian Kings
Presenter Kay White
                                                 Lux Mundi Lecture Room  B3 - R4 10.45-12.15 Fortnightly on Tuesdays
                                                                               Spring Programme 2019 starts 16th January
The lives and times of the dynasty that ruled Great Britain in the 18th Centuary.

                                      29th January     George Louis- (George1) and his son George Augustus - (George 11)

                                      12th February     Henrietta Howard - life at the court of the Prince and Princess of Wales

                                      26th February    Grandson George William Frederick (George111) - and madness

                                       12th March            George Augustus Frederick ( "Prinny")the Prince Regent (George1V)

                                      26th March           George1V and his brother William 1V.

The National History of Australasia. 
A Series Of DVDs
Presenter Kay White
Lux Mundi Lecture Room  B3 - R4 12.00-13.00 Weekly on Fridays
       Spring Programme 2019 starts 11th January

Exploring why the wildlifeof Australasia is so special -  a mix of the surprising, the strange and the deadly!
                                25th January                  Southern Seas - coral reefs - sea dragons - penguins.

                                1st February                    Gum tree country - frilled lizards - swimming kangaroos.

                                8th February                   Island arks - wildlife in the many islands.

                              15th February                 New worlds - adaptation to human inhabitants.

                              22nd February                New Zealand - exploring the South Island.

                              1st March                           New Zealand - exploring the North Island 



All Discussions on Wednesday 13.00 - 14.30 Lux Mundi Room B3-R2 or B3-R4